The Wonders of Outsourcing

Since the season for amor is coming up, I figured a lot would be gearing up for some loving but this takes outsourcing to the next level–or rather, a few steps back. Personally, while I find actual job posting this amusing, it also seems pretty heartbreaking if you think about it.

How low can you go?

How low can you go? Or how far will you go?


Recap and Review: Teen Wolf Season 3 Mid-Season Finale, Episode 12: Lunar Eclipse


The opening reminds viewers of the following:

  • The forthcoming lunar eclipse will render the werewolves powerless
  • Jennifer AKA darach has all three “guardians” (Sherriff Stiles, Melissa, and Chris Argent) ready to sacrifice
  • Ms. Morell discloses the their location to Scott, the nemeton, a place of power that druids hold sacred
  • Scott, Stiles, and Allison basically┬áneed to die in order to locate this nemeton and rescue their parents. Naturally, this will have two consequences. One, they will always feel a darkness around their heart from then on. Two, the nemeton will act as a beacon to other supernatural beings, attracting them because of its power (Looks like we’re in for a more varied assortment of villains aside from the main one next season!)



An Epic Rap Battle a Day Keeps the Doldrums Away

If you’re one of the sorry few who has never seen one of these hilariously entertaining videos (just like I was), grab onto your seats as you’re in for quite a ride. Would you believe we only found about it last year when my Minecraft-obsessed 7-year old nephew stumbled onto them when he was surfing for HIS own Minecraft song parodies (which is another line of amusing kid-friendly videos)?

Anyway, check out the highly irreverent Epic Rap Battles on YouTube if you’re feeling down in the dumps and you have a couple of minutes to spare. Not only will you appreciate the slammin’, tight rhymes (did I use them right?) but you’ll be thoroughly entertained by these wickedly talented rappers with their crazy ass costumes, cheesy gimmicks, the whole deal. At the moment, I can’t decide between Albert Einstein versus Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates versus Steve Jobs. (I guess my geekier roots are showing.)

Take a look for yourself. I promise you won’t regret it. You might want to set your personal biases aside though and just enjoy the show.


A Different Way to Show You Care

It’s been quite a while since my last post. I’ve been too busy working, working my day job as well as on the various interesting and at times frustrating projects I have as a freelancer. I have to say I’m a self-avowed job posting junkie, at least as far as oDesk and Elance are concerned. I can literally spend (and waste) a few hours of each day just mechanically browsing through the thousands of ads just to see what people out there are looking for. Even when I know I have too much on my plate, even when I can barely keep my eyes open, I can’t stop myself from checking in every once in a while.

But there are times, like right now, when I’m reminded that not everything is about business and money and getting ahead in life. Here’s a screenshot of an actual job posting of a son or daughter looking out for his or her dad. I’m actually smiling right now as I read through the job description. Read on to see how one outsourcing platform is helping to bring laughter to one old man. Plus you get a really great joke at the end!


Pacquiao versus Marquez 4: One Knockout, Two Knockdowns, and a Shocking Conclusion

At last we come to the conclusion of the long-running rivalry between 33 year-0ld Manny Pacquiao and 39-year old Juan Manuel Marquez. Long story short, Manny Pacquiao just experienced two firsts in his life as Marquez topples him twice with his powerful jabs, the second time clipping him on the chin and knocking his lights out for several agonizing minutes just before the end of the SIXTH round! Although unbelievably short, the fight was definitely thrilling and action-packed as Pacquiao also got in his share of punches.

On regaining consciousness, Manny seemed good-natured as usual while Bob Arum did not discount the possibility of a fifth installment. I was just relieved he was okay. Furthermore, the fight’s outcome is finally and unalterably conclusive, making this an undeniable moment of glory in the Mexican’s boxing history.

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