REVIEW: Pirates of the Carribean – Dead Man’s Chest

Well, this much anticipated film almost but not quite disappoints me.

In the tradition of its precursor, we have the memorable Captain Jack Sparrow craftily drawing the two lovebirds, Elizabeth and Will, into another exciting yet improbable adventure. Although the plot still leaves much to be desired, this film is chock full of over-the-top stunts, unbelievably hilarious scenes, unexpected plot twists and even some touching moments that leave the viewers tired but content, at least in my case. The gorgeous sets and vibrant cinematography gives the film an almost story-book like character, which reminds me of the latest film adaptation of JM Barrie’s Peter Pan, albeit a bit darker.

Acting-wise, the cast need not overstretch their thespian muscles. As always, Johnny Depp is perfect as the inimitable Jack Sparrow’s life, creating yet another fictional character which will be remembered in years to come, not to mentioned probably spoofed in upcoming films. Orlando Bloom, has yet again proven to be an efficient and believable action star, no matter what Sylvester Stallone may say, who displays a broader range of emotion and intellect when compared with the Rambo protrayer. As Elizabeth Swan, whose character underwent the greatest change, Keira Knightley definitely delivered, also demonstrating an athletic prowess first witnessed in films such as Bend it Like Beckham, Arthur, and Domino. Add Billy Nighy, unforgettable to me In Love Actually, and you have a colorful main cast, and a steady supporting “crew”.

Don’t expect too much intellectual stimulation when sitting down to see this flick. Instead, liken the experience to that of a roller coaster ride, where you get a barrage of sensory pulses. Enjoy!


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