Recommended: Ramen Recipe

Inspired by the countless animes I’ve watched where the characters were so very loudly savoring their Japanese noodles, I decided to search the web for various ramen recipes, and have found Kitchen Monkey’s recipe to be best suited to my taste so far, particularly his pork, the sauce of which I used as my base in place of his miso base.

Basically, I made a soup stock by boiling 1 kg each chicken and pork bones, a large piece of ginger, an onion, a whole garlic, dried mushrooms, salt and peper with water, and reduced till I got about 1/3 to 1/2 the initial amount of stock left, skimming the surface intermittently. As a side note, you can skip this rather time consuming part by buying ready made stock or taking a shortcut using boullions.

While preparing the stock, I prepared the pork as instructed in his recipe, but used pork lomo (loin) instead. This cut down cooking time, and made it easier to slice the meat into smaller round slices for topping the ramen. As a base, I prepared a separate batch of his pork marinade sans the pork and boiled it for a few minutes. *** This recipe makes for a slightly sweet soy-based ramen ***

For toppings, I had decided on the pork, tamago sushi, and green onions. Tamago sushi or Japanese omelet can be prepared by combining 4 large eggs, 4 tbsp soup stock, 1 tbsp sugar, 1/2 tsp soy sauce, dash of salt, optional: 1 tsp mirin or Japanese cooking wine and cooking using a tamago pan, or simply as you would cook any omelet. In my case, I decided to slice the omelet into long thin strips.

Finally, you assemble your ramen in each bowl, placing the base first, followed by the noodles, the stock and the toppings, adjusting the ratio of base to soup stock to suit your taste. Enjoy!


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