Review: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2

And so ends another great series adapted for the big screen…With the movie still fresh on my mind, I have a lot of mixed emotions regarding the final installment: exhilaration at some parts, dismay and disappointment, mixed with a feeling of finality and sadness.

First of all, as they had decided to split the adaptation of the seventh book into two films, to further increase projected revenue, I’m sure,   I was expecting them to be a lot more faithful to the story. There were a lot of excellent scenes in the book that were either not included or altered, that would have enhanced the movie goers experience as a whole *Spoiler for those not familiar with the books* Among them:

1. Moments of humor would have been appreciated, for example, Ron commenting that they would have noticed that they had broken into Gringotts.

2. The scene involving Helena Ravenclaw and Harry was unnecessarily long and tedious.

3. The scene where Neville pulled Godric Gryffindor’s sword out from the sorting hat after his punishment by Voldemort to behead Nagini would have given the viewers more catharsis compared to the prolonged scenes of cat and mouse which were probably supposed to heighten the tension

4. Thus, more time could have been allotted to the development of Snape’s memories of Lily via the pensieve. The scenes depicting the start and end of their relationship were actually integral parts of the story, and it would have helped those who have not read the books to understand Snape’s motivations. And, although not essential to the plot, why couldn’t have they included the scenes with James and  Sirius in their youth. (Come on, producers, its the last film!) My sister, who only saw the movies, was actually pretty confused at this point.

5. The fighting scenes I would have loved to see include: the fight scene with the trio, Percy and Fred leading to the latter’s death, Professor Trelawney dropping her crystal ball on Fenrir (hehe), overcoming dementors with the help of DA (instead of Aberforth). In addition, I was disappointed by the absence of the Centaurs, and more conspicuously, Grawp.

6. Harry surrounded by his loved ones as he walked towards Voldemort would have been more powerful than that of him walking alone.

7. The battle between Harry and Voldemort was deprived of an audience, which would have added to the excitement and eventually the thrill of finally defeating the enemy.  Post-victory, I would have preferred the jubilant celebration instead of the muted random images flashed.

8. The scene during which Harry actually snapped the “most powerful wand in the world ” without repairing his own wand, seguing into the shot of Harry, Hermione and Ron was very anticlimactic.

Second, there were a lot of underused characters:

1. Ron

2. Invisibility cloak

3. Bellatrix

4. Dumbledore (in clearing up other matters)

5. Luna

6. Hagrid

Third, there were some scenes that were unintentionally hilarious:

1. The kiss between Ron and Hermione after the mini tidal waves generated by the destruction of the Hufflepuff cup.

2. Harry dropping to the ground as he struggled from Hagrid’s grasp

3. Again, the snapping of the Elder Wand (!)

4. The shots of the characters 19 years later. The entire audience was actually laughing out loud with each shot of the characters, now sporting wrinkled faces, peppery hair and side burns, larger noses and bouffant hairdos… At least it was still better than getting actual adults to portray them 😀

However, this movie still has a lot of merits. The scenes are breathtaking with spectacular effects most of the time, the acting is decent (I felt my first tear when Hermione understood that Harry was a Horcrux and offered to accompany him to the forbidden forest), the music is great. If you aren’t particular about seeing some changes to the story, this is still worth a watch!


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