Love in Unexpected Places

Just one of the thousands of things one can do online is to search for love and romance, or even just the expression of it. Although we’re familiar with personal ads in the traditional newspaper and online advertising sites, it was kind of cute to see them pop up here and again at job outsourcing platforms, as well.

Case #1. We have a lovelorn music lover who is seeking to soothe his broken heart with a very particular piece of music. His posting appears very sad and sweet at the same time that you want to root for him to at least tell her his feelings.

Case #1

Case #2. A little less romantic but still cute just the same, especially the part where he mentions someone flirting in his place. Let’s hope this guy has success in finding that one”hot” girlfriend who will stick by his side once they get to know each other better.

Case #2

Looks like searching for that online job just got a little bit more fun. How about you? Have you found any unexpectedly romantic/funny posts lately?


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