Intensity 7.7 Earthquake in Bicol and Neighboring Regions

At 8:47 PM, residents from Bicol and the neighboring areas experienced an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7 with its epicenter located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean (magnitude 7.9), and its reverberations felt even here in Baguio. Warnings have been issued regarding possible tsunamis. Our prayers to everyone affected.

More details at PHIVOLCS and the USGS Earthquakes Hazard Program.

UPDATE: On the bright side, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology has cancelled the previously released tsunami warnings. Surprisingly, for me at least, this event was preceded by two smaller quakes of magnitude 3.4 in Northern Samar and 3.3. in Isabela at 11:22 AM and 1:40 PM, respectively. Looking at their page which lists earthquakes affecting our country from most recent going backwards, it looks pretty terrifying to see that there have been an astounding 46 in August of 2012 alone! Is this to be expected because we are situated in the so-called Ring of Fire or has there been a significant surge?


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