Pacquiao versus Marquez 4: One Knockout, Two Knockdowns, and a Shocking Conclusion

At last we come to the conclusion of the long-running rivalry between 33 year-0ld Manny Pacquiao and 39-year old Juan Manuel Marquez. Long story short, Manny Pacquiao just experienced two firsts in his life as Marquez topples him twice with his powerful jabs, the second time clipping him on the chin and knocking his lights out for several agonizing minutes just before the end of the SIXTH round! Although unbelievably short, the fight was definitely thrilling and action-packed as Pacquiao also got in his share of punches.

On regaining consciousness, Manny seemed good-natured as usual while Bob Arum did not discount the possibility of a fifth installment. I was just relieved he was okay. Furthermore, the fight’s outcome is finally and unalterably conclusive, making this an undeniable moment of glory in the Mexican’s boxing history.


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