An Epic Rap Battle a Day Keeps the Doldrums Away

If you’re one of the sorry few who has never seen one of these hilariously entertaining videos (just like I was), grab onto your seats as you’re in for quite a ride. Would you believe we only found about it last year when my Minecraft-obsessed 7-year old nephew stumbled onto them when he was surfing for HIS own Minecraft song parodies (which is another line of amusing kid-friendly videos)?

Anyway, check out the highly irreverent Epic Rap Battles on YouTube if you’re feeling down in the dumps and you have a couple of minutes to spare. Not only will you appreciate the slammin’, tight rhymes (did I use them right?) but you’ll be thoroughly entertained by these wickedly talented rappers with their crazy ass costumes, cheesy gimmicks, the whole deal. At the moment, I can’t decide between Albert Einstein versus Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates versus Steve Jobs. (I guess my geekier roots are showing.)

Take a look for yourself. I promise you won’t regret it. You might want to set your personal biases aside though and just enjoy the show.

Albert Einstein versus Stephen Hawking

Bill Gates versus Steve Jobs

I must say I haven’t gone through the entire lot, but I like saving them for an especially boring day.

WARNING: Nothing is held sacred so keep an open mind and don’t take everything personally. These Epic Rap Battles tackle every type of subject, be it polarizing issues such as who is more powerful between Gandalf or Dumbledore or more popular between Beethoven and Justin Bieber, or life-and-death power struggles between Shakespeare and the Dr. Seuss. 😀

PS. Since it is the month of love and all, check out this truly epic rap battle: Adam versus Eve.


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