Recap and Review: Teen Wolf Season 3 Mid-Season Finale, Episode 12: Lunar Eclipse


The opening reminds viewers of the following:

  • The forthcoming lunar eclipse will render the werewolves powerless
  • Jennifer AKA darach has all three “guardians” (Sherriff Stiles, Melissa, and Chris Argent) ready to sacrifice
  • Ms. Morell discloses the their location to Scott, the nemeton, a place of power that druids hold sacred
  • Scott, Stiles, and Allison basically need to die in order to locate this nemeton and rescue their parents. Naturally, this will have two consequences. One, they will always feel a darkness around their heart from then on. Two, the nemeton will act as a beacon to other supernatural beings, attracting them because of its power (Looks like we’re in for a more varied assortment of villains aside from the main one next season!)

TW02 Scott, Stiles and Alison regain consciousness in their icy baths of death in a large, sterile white room and spot the a majestic tree stump  rising up from the tiled floors at one end. Scott notices that the rings of the tree trunk reflect his multi-ring tattoo (will this be his pack’s insignia?). As they touch the broad trunk, they are immediately transported back to a specific memory on the same fateful day when they actually passed by the elusive nemeton. The nemeton was just a few meters away from where a much younger, floppy-haired Scott received the bite that turned him into a werewolf, where Stiles and Scott were walking through the woods to investigate the crime scene involving a dead girl, and where Allison and her mom almost ran over Scott as he was running away. All three are successfully raised from death; however, a full 16 hours had passed since then. Now they only have four hours till the lunar eclipse.

Switch scene to Derek who was able to heal Cora at the expense his alpha-hood (or is it alphaship?). Peter reminds Derek how helpless he will be now that he’s basically drained his mojo and expresses doubt that he will be able to recover in time to hold his own against Kali. At the pet clinic, Dr. Deaton is surprisingly in favor of Scott going back to Deucalion since the latter could actually be used as the bait to trap the darach. Ethan suddenly appears, looking for Lydia’s help (!?!?) to stop Kali and his brother from killing Derek.

Back beneath the nemeton, Chris Argent’s pocket-sized emitter  doesn’t look like it will last much longer. The three bond over itches, throat slashing and garrotes when a wild gale sweeps through the cellar. It looks like a storm is coming.

At Derek’s, Ethan warns Derek, Cora, and Peter of Kali and Ethan’s impending arrival. Peter exhausts all the synonyms in his thesaurus to urge Derek to hightail it out of there while Cora urges Derek to fight only for something meaningful. Derek asks how they’re sure of the outcome (his loss) and Peter looks to Lydia for some answers, putting her on the spot. Naturally, she tells them she feels as if she’s standing a on graveyard. Nuff said.

At this time, Scott, Allison and Isaac have gone to the Argent home, purportedly to obtain something of her dad’s for the wolves to sniff. Scott talks to Stiles on the cellphone and agrees to sniff at the sheriff’s socks, NOT his boxers. Unfortunately, Scott’s FBI father has made himself comfortable in the Argent den, where he is surrounded by the  impressive array of weapons  the Argents own. Dad wants to talk to all of them, even Isaac, whose name is one of the few things he knows (although how he knew he was there, I don’t know). Scott reverts back to age appropriate teen animosity however Dad threatens him with the dreaded interrogation room.

Cut to Derek’s beeping alarm system which Kali rips off the wall. Lydia cracks jokes to soften the bad news: Derek is long gone. Kali advances threateningly on her bare, claw-tipped feet and asks Lydia who she thought she was talking to. Lydia retorts, “Somebody in desperately need of a pedicure,” and adds she can give her a referral. Kali gets ready to rip her to pieces when Aidan growls in warning and Kali turns to him instead.

As Derek and Cora  prepare to drive away, Peter cautions them to call only when they’re at least a hundred miles away.

Back at the Argent’s house, FBI dad says he’s willing to keep them three overnight just to get to the bottom of all the murders and missing people in Beacon Hills.

Meanwhile, Kali begins questioning Aidan’s loyalties. Suddenly, Jennifer breaks through the skylight and challenges them, “Who wants to go first?” Kali shows signs of uncertainty and her coal-black, razor-sharp toe claws are no match for the darach’s speed and power and she’s sent twirling onto the ground. The twins attack one at  time to no avail so they decide to distract her with their pretty impressive abs and go for their power move. Before they’re able to volt in, however, she separates the two with her bare hands and throws them against the walls, knocking them unconscious. TW03 A visibly winded Kali manages to cartwheel herself up to Jennifer, who tells her that she has power, enough power to look normal despite her horrifically  scarred face. Kali doesn’t care but then Jennifer flaunts her power by telekinetically raising up all the glass shards around and aiming them at the alpha she formerly advised. Fans turn on and lightning flashes as Kali screams that she should have ripped Jennifer’s head off  when she had the chance right before she is fatally pierced by the glass shards. By this time, the twins have managed to merge and attack her. She makes quick work of them by simply twisting their/his neck.

At the same time, Allison informs FBI dad that her father is a highly respected and federally licensed weapons dealer. She proceeds to identify each of the deadly weapons on the desk before setting off a smoke grenade. The three make a hasty exit while Stiles is shown driving towards the woods. However, the intense storm hampers visibility and he drives into a pole, losing consciousness as his head hits the steering wheel.

With the alphas lying defeated, Jennifer turns menacingly to Lydia and asks her to do what she does best. Naturally, Lydia’s banshee screams manage to reach Derek who is hundreds of miles away. He decides to turn back.

Scott, Allison, and Isaac have now reached the Beacon Hills Preserve but Stiles is late. Deucalion reproaches them for their tardiness while Scott asks about the other alphas. It looks like it’s just the two of them. Deucalion is confident however that they’re more than enough to handle Jennifer. Allison and Isaac leave to look for Stiles and rescue the parents.

Jennifer glibly tells Derek everything she did was for him. He asks her to, “Stop talking like a politician” and she tries another tactic. Derek can serve as her guardian in lieu of Scott’s and Stile’s parents. Although she easily killed three alphas, Deucalion is in a league of his own with Scott at his side, she needs all the help she can get. Cora warns Derek not to trust her. Jennifer says it’s a no-brainer. The 15-minute lunar eclipse is the perfect window of opportunity to get rid of her nemesis. She just needs Deucalion dead. The others can live.

Allison and Isaac stumble their way through the woods with the storm in full force when Isaac finally hones in on the emitter and uses it to lead the way. They find the parents within the nemeton but take a ridiculously long time untying them, given that Isaac has claws. The ground/ceilings start to collapse into little sinkholes, blocking the only exit.

Lydia and Cora see the twins separate and discover they’re alive  but just barely. They bring the twins to Dr. Deaton who says they can only be saved if they start healing on their own.

Scott and Deucalion enter the abandoned shed where Gerard betrayed the werewolves a long time ago and took Deucalion’s sight. Scott lures Jennifer there using Deucalion as bait, knowing she wants revenge above all else. A shadowy figure emerges from the distance then  suddenly splits into two. A shocked Scott asks Derek what he’s doing. Derek says he’s actually trying to help Scott. Deucalion muses on how American the situation got (brother against brother) then casually taunts Jennifer as he leisurely sets his walking stick and jacket aside before shifting to demon wolf form and beginning his attack.

The rest of the gang are trapped in the nemeton, which is becoming increasingly unstable. Isaac uses his werewolf strength to hold collapsing support beams up.

Derek tries to block Deucalion but he’s just too weak. While they’re both occupied, Jennifer tries to blast Deucalion with power, to no avail. He grasps them both by their necks and lifts them effortlessly before tossing them around like dolls. Deucalion drags Jennifer to her knees before Scott and orders him to kill her. Scott hesitates and Deucalion tries to cow him into submission with a mighty roar. He urges Scott to kill her to save his mother and friend’s parents, while Jennifer says that this will just be the beginning of a series of murders that Deucalion would have Scott do. Deucalion counters that Scott needs to be the alpha he was meant to be, a killer. At that, Scott decides. They’re not dead yet and HIS pack would save them.

Isaac’s claustrophobia starts to stir as the ground and walls continue to crumble. Dr. Deaton administers oxygen and intravenous meds to the twins.

Deucalion finally drags Scott to Jennifer, intending to physically force Scott to deliver the killing blow. Scott reveals that he knows Deucalion can see in his wolf form just before setting off a flash grenade. As the werewolves are momentarily disabled, the lunar eclipse commences and they shift back to human form.

Now in human form, Isaac loses hope as the they are unable to prop up the supporting beams. Stiles jumps in from out of nowhere (I thought all the exits were blocked)  and props it all up with a metal baseball bat, which is apparently stronger than all five people combined. TW04 Jennifer (who stepped out in all the confusion to slip into a dominatrix outfit complete with cape) emerges from the mist in all her bald-headed, scar-faced glory and savagely wails on Deucalion. An inspired Derek points out that Deucalion doesn’t know how Jennifer currently looks. He has never seen the price she paid so that Kali could join his pack. The darach uses her power to restore Deucalion’s sight. When he turns to look at her however, he sees the normal-looking Jennifer (?!). The healing process takes a lot out of Jennifer and she asks Derek to kill Deucalion in her stead but he refuses. Derek says his mother always said that he was a predator but not a killer. He squeezes her neck and asks her to let the parents go.

With signs of mixed regret and betrayal, she fights back in her weakened state and he takes all her blows. The scene is interposed with flashbacks to the time when where Derek allowed Boyd and Cora to unleash their long-suppressed werewolf savagery on his body. Her fit lasts all of fifteen minutes and Derek’s eyes flash blue as the lunar eclipse ends. She quickly retreats and throws up a handful of mountain ash which magically falls into a perfect circle, forming an impenetrable barrier for werewolves just as Scott regains consciousness.

Safely within the circle. Jennifer tells Derek that she has no choice now. She needs to sacrifice the parents in order to gain enough power to kill a demon wolf like Deucalion without the need for a lunar eclipse. This gives Scott the impetus to push against the barrier. Jennifer taunts him that he wasn’t successful before but her confidence falters as Scott forges on. His eyes glow amber then bleed to a fiery red before he is able to break through the barrier as the other two werewolves look on in amazement. Scott states that he’s an alpha now and being Scott, gives her an chance to stop the storm or else he really will kill her, even if it changes the color of his eyes. Deucalion has no such qualms and takes this opportunity to quickly slash her throat.

The storm stops as abruptly as it starts. The twins have regained consciousness and Aidan tells Lydia he knew she liked him. Scott calls Stiles to ask how they are doing and the former asks for Scott’s help getting out of there and to bring a ladder.

Derek and Scott let Deucalion go with a warning. He was a man of vision once (before Gerard blinded him and destroyed any chances for a truce) and perhaps he could be one again. Allison asks her father to train her further in preparation for the supernatural beings that will now come their way as a consequence of their resurrections. She says they should have a new code now: Protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Scott’s voice over as he talks to Deaton:

  • He’s not sure is Derek is coming back but he wants him to be happy. (Derek and Cora give their loft one last look before leaving.)
  • His dad’s staying for meantime but is definitely not welcome. (Scott shuts the door on his dad’s face.)
  • He and Stiles feel the darkness every day but he looks to his friends instead. (Lydia and Aidan, Ethan and Danny, Allison and Isaac).
  • They don’t know what happened to Jennifer. Her body disappeared.

Cut to Jennifer crawling towards the nemeton, begging for its power. If it helped her before, it can help her again. Just as she reaches for a tuft of green, a clawed hand stops her. It turns out to be Peter. She sneers at the wolf. As expected, everyone suffers but he came out on top. Now that Scott is an alpha, he can steal it from Scott and become an alpha again. Peter is insulted. Again? He slashes her throat. Voice trembling with rage, he says that he IS the alpha. He screams he has always been the alpha.


This is what I like about the Teen Wolf series. Each season or half-season, they manage to generally tie up all the major storylines, albeit not in a tidy package. We get the resolution of the darach/alpha pack storyline with most of the major villains taken care of. What role Deucalion will play in the future remains to be seen.

I agree with many forum comments that this season has been all over the place compared to previous seasons. New characters did not receive  as much development and back story as in previous seasons, although this is not logistically possible given the number of new characters introduced. I would have liked it though if we got more than a glimpse into  Deucalion, Cora, Kali, and the twins’ lives. Heck, I would even be pacified by getting more of an insight into Dr. Deaton and Ms. Morrell, who I thought were siblings but have different last names, how they became druids, etc.

There were also some scenes that took up more time at the expense of story development like the scene involving Isaac’s rescue in the season premiere or when Scott couldn’t heal himself. On the other hand, it was great to see Derek, Peter and even the Argents when they were younger and in the case of the former, more innocent. I wished I knew what the significance of having blue eyes was, though, aside from being the atypical eye color of an unbearably sad and lonely wolf. We were treated to the inner workings of Peter and Gerard’s malicious minds during those flashbacks and I hope those two come to some sort of showdown in Season 4.

I loved some of the Episode 12 scenes, such as nemeton flashbacks, Lydia standing up to Kali, and Scott pushing against the mountain ash barrier. I was kind of let down by that scene though because when Scott said he was an alpha, there was nothing. No flash of red-colored eyes, no music leading up to it, no close up. He wasn’t even quick enough to stop Deucalion from walking over and ripping Jennifer’s throat out.

However, some scenes were ludicrous, such as those involving the smoke grenade, baseball bat scene or the darach outfit changing scene. The last one was really laughable. Did she really have to come out from the mist? And why? Why was she wearing that outfit? Also, exactly how close was the nemeton to the shed that Jennifer was able to crawl all the way there without a single werewolf detecting her? I thought they were supposed to have heightened senses.

A major quibble I have is how exactly there were able to explain all the murders and missing people to the authorities. I know this isn’t exactly a reality show but you can’t ignore it entirely for a show supposedly based in the real world.

Some things I would like to be addressed in Teen Wolf Season 4:

  • Scott and Allison’s relationship – Did it end? Is she moving on to Isaac? Since the Argents have retired as hunters, why can’t they be together?
  • Lydia – What is a banshee?
  • Scott’s pack – Since Scott’s an alpha, will they be having any druid advisers/emissary soon? Is Lydia a viable candidate? Can she be trained? Will the twins become part of Scott’s pack since they don’t seem to be going anywhere soon?
  • How much do the parents know? Did they discuss more than garrotes during the time they spent in the nemeton? How will the sheriff approach weird cases now?
  • Now that the FBI is involved (not to mention Scott’s dad), it’s going to be a lot harder to explain away all the supernatural events that are sure to come their way, even if the Sheriff is on their side (purportedly)?
  • Who are the other supernatural creatures coming their way? I fervently hope that vampires are not on the list.
  • Deaton and Morell – We need to know more about them now!
  • Will the darkness play a significant role in the next season? I can imagine a dark Allison, but not Scott or Stiles.

In the end though, I was thoroughly entertained by Season 3 of Teen Wolf and am looking forward to the next season. What do you think?



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